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Reddit Promotion: Is it Worth it?

Reddit, founded in 2005, has been around for a very long time now. Reddit is a post and news aggregation site which facilitates community styled interaction through comments, upvotes and downvotes. As of February 2018, Reddit receives over 500 million visitors in a month! With such a huge consumer base, yes, promoting on Reddit will be worth it! 

However, marketing on Reddit is not an easy task. Reddit is divided into communities, or sub-reddits. Sub-reddits are created based on topic, niche or genre. The sub-reddit, for example, is a community for sharing memes. A key factor in successful reddit marketing is posting in the right sub-reddit.

Redditors help promote or demote posts by upvoting and downvoting them. A highly upvoted post can become visible to a huge audience, making it viral. In fact, most viral videos and articles received their initial success through Reddit.

Publishing Engaging Posts That Gain Huge Number of Upvotes (and No Reddit Downvotes)

There is a right way and a wrong way to posting on Reddit. Redditors usually turn to reddit for a more fun and entertaining experience. A lot of news channel also use Reddit to gain traction. In short, engagement is the key to succeeding on Reddit.

Firstly, ensure you are posting on the right sub-reddit. If you think spamming on multiple sub-reddits, like you do on Facebook groups, is the answer, then you are mistaken. Unlike Facebook or other social media platforms, Reddit allows users to downvote posts. This means your post, if not taken well, can gain a lot of negative responses burying it down on Reddit. This is why we stress on posting on the correct sub-reddit, where the audience is interested in the niche you are promoting.

Make the content creative and engaging. The copy and the image banner should catch attention. If you’re sharing a link, share the entire link as opposed to shortened ones. Users are wary of malware and spam.

Can Anyone Market on Reddit?

Of course! Reddit is a free platform with a massive audience base, why wouldn’t you leverage it for traction? Reddit has seen both fun and serious posts gain momentum. The only caveat is to post on the right community.

Look for sub-reddits that have a good member base and that is active. Join the sub-reddit and be active yourself. Contribute to the community. Once you gain enough karma points, your posts will begin to see more engagement.

Reddit also has a paid marketing option, where you build campaigns to target specific sub-reddits or the website as a whole. This can help you drive initial upvotes to your posts.

Reasons Why Your Posts Might Not Be Getting Upvotes (or Getting Reddit Downvotes)

1. Sub-redditors and users don’t find your content appealing:

The initial headline and image must be captivating! Redditors have a short attention span and numerous posts to scour through. Give them a reason to pause at yours. 

2. You’re on the wrong sub-reddit: We can’t stress on this enough.

Firstly, reddit itself does not ban users. But sub-reddit admins and moderators have the power and authority to ban you from posting and joining a sub-reddit. To make sure you’re not getting negative responses and Reddit downvotes, make sure your content matches the sub-reddit niche.

3. Your posts are getting buried by the competition:

This one’s a bit tricky. You might be on the perfect sub-reddit posting the perfect, most engaging content. However, if there are a huge number of posts coming in to the sub-reddit, your post could easily get buried. Posts rise up based on upvotes, but to receive upvotes, your post must first be visible.

This brings us to a service that we,, provide which helps beat the competition.

Buy Reddit Downvotes to Improve Your Post Presence

If you find yourself a victim of the third point above, you have come to the right place. So you’re posting quality content on the right sub-reddit but not gaining traction because their posts are getting upvotes before yours. There’s a simple solution for that problem and we have it: downvote those posts!

You can easily purchase downvotes from us and beat the competition! If you’re worried this is illegal, rest easy. We use 100% genuine and active users with old accounts and reddit history. Besides, downvoting posts is not wrong. Here’s what you can expect from us:

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Is it Completely Safe?

Yes! All we’re doing is downvoting a post, which is a normal activity on reddit. All interaction happens over active accounts ensuring no red flags are raised. Our accounts range from 4 months to 7 years, giving an extremely diverse group or upvotes or downvotes.

All this delivered under 6 hours, guaranteed. On reddit, the first 24 hours are imperative. This is why we also take special requests to start upvoting or downvoting as soon as a post is published.

Reddit is Competitive, but you Can Now Have the Edge

Our upvote and downvote services give you the winning edge. You can even reach out to us prior to posting to get upvotes for your post ready, and start downvoting the competition beforehand.

  • The process is extremely simple: 
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