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Why Reddit Marketing

Reddit is an extremely popular, community based website that gets over 500 million total visits in a month! They often refer to themselves as ‘the face of the internet’. How Reddit works is simple; the website is made up of sub communities, or ‘sub-reddits’. You can think of each sub-reddit as a forum, or community dedicated to certain topics., for example, is a sub-reddit for world news. Users post images, articles, videos, etc. on these sub-reddits and viewers upvote or downvote posts based on preference. Pretty straightforward right?

Owing to the number of visitors Reddit gets, it has quickly become a popular platform for marketers. In fact, Reddit is often the launch pad for viral videos and posts. Whether your post becomes the next internet sensation, however, lies in the hands of redditors in the sub-reddit that you post in.

Posts on Reddit gain or lose popularity based on up-votes and down-votes. How to upvote on reddit? Simply hit the up or down arrow on a post. How do reddit upvotes work? As a post receives up-votes, it rises in rank on the sub-reddit and eventually makes it to the front page of Reddit’s default news feed, making the post visible to everyone. Posts that make it here often go viral.

How to Publish Posts that Redditors Upvote & How to Get More Upvotes on Reddit.

Reddit users can spend hours surfing sub-reddits and posts. Primary engagers are fun posts, although informative and news-oriented posts get good traction as well. The idea is to create engaging content that is current and eye catching.

Due to misleading links and malware, redditors often don’t trust shortened links. This is not a problem, however, since reddit does not have a word count limit so you can go ahead and paste the entire link on our post.

While your posts won’t get banned from reddit itself, it can be pulled out of a sub-reddit by community moderators. That is why it is important to join and post on the right sub-reddit. Pick sub-reddits that match your content’s niche, that have a good number of followers and also that have on-going and recent interaction. Following these simple guidelines is how to get reddit upvotes.

Who Can Market on Reddit

Anybody can! That’s the beauty of Reddit. It’s worth to be noted though, that Redditors loves quirky content. Simply pasting bland content will get you no-where, unless it is sensational news. On the other hand, drafting regular content in a witty and engaging style can give your brand instant popularity and traffic on Reddit.

If you’re looking to grow a subscriber or follower base, you can easily do so by targeting your posts on the right sub-reddit. Remember, people search for and join sub-reddits to be part of a niche community. If you find the right sub-reddit, you have found your target audience.

You can also leverage paid marketing on Reddit to get you post visible to a huge audience. But remember, at the end of the day, whether this audience engages with your content and upvotes it depends on how interesting the post really is.

Why don’t your posts get any reddit upvote & how to get upvotes on reddit?

There could be a couple of reasons why your posts don’t get enough upvotes.

Your content is not engaging enough:

As we’ve mentioned, redditors are often looking for ‘fun’ content to blow off steam. Don’t get too serious, or try and package serious content with quirky headings and image banners.

You’re not posting on the right sub-reddit:

posting about video games on a political sub-reddit will get you nowhere. Reddit is not about randomly spamming content everywhere. This philosophy, in-fact, will get you banned from sub-reddits. Publish on fewer sub-reddits, but on topic focused ones.

There’s just too much competition:

Well, this happens. You might have posted on a day when PewDiePie created a sensational video, or on a sub-reddit that just went berserk with posts on the same day that you posted. In such cases, your post can get buried even before it could get traction.

What to do When You’re Not Getting Upvotes Despite all the Efforts?

This is where we come in. Sometimes, all your posts need is a bit of uplifting. A boost in upvotes can make your post visible on sub-reddits and then it can quickly gain organic upvotes, pushing it to the homepage and ultimately to virality. Sometimes it just desperately needs that initial boost in upvotes.

That is where paid services like can help, where you can buy reddit upvotes. We have high performing, affordable packages that will give your post the visibility it needs. This is completely safe and normal; it isn’t considered as any form of vote manipulation reddit. Here’s what we offer when you buy reddit votes:

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Is it Safe to Buy Upvotes on Reddit?

Of course it is! Buying reddit upvotes is not reddit vote manipulation. The upvotes your posts receive are from genuine accounts with a rich background in posting and voting. Besides, if Reddit were to ban accounts simply because they received upvotes, there would be no accounts left on Reddit. Just make sure your post is on the right sub-reddit and you’re safe, because admins control who can and cannot join/post on sub-reddits. Upvote reddit buying is completely safe.

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